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Build in Public

June 2024 - #Buildinpublic

It’s the 18th edition of our #BuildinPublic newsletter. June was a blast! The highlights were the Workfree #PooleParty and launching our single...

Build in Public

April 2024 - #Buildinpublic

Welcome to the 16th edition of our #BuildinPublic newsletter. April felt like a high speed train, we made a lot of progress and hit multiple...

Build in Public

March 2024 - #Buildinpublic

Friends, family & phenomenal freelancers, welcome to the 15th edition of our #BuildinPublic newsletter. What a milestone! This week we completed a...

Workfree is having a #PooleParty

Workfree is hosting a #PooleParty to celebrate the launch of our community-led freelancing platform! 🎉 This exclusive event is invite-only for our...

Build in Public

February 2024 - #Buildinpublic

Welcome to the 14th edition of our #BuildinPublic newsletter! 🙌🏼. In February, our primary focus was on establishing community partnerships and...

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