Meet Our Community Advisory Team

At Workfree, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration. That’s why we have assembled a team of brilliant individuals that make up our Community Advisory Team.

At Workfree, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration. That’s why we have assembled a team of brilliant individuals that make up our Community Advisory Team. 

Representing the true voice of our customers, this exceptional group plays a vital role in connecting us with agencies and freelancers alike.

They are helping us to build a rock-solid co-founding community that we can learn from, grow with and ultimately build Workfree alongside.  Workfree is built, used and owned by the community that powers it.

Let’s shine a spotlight our Community Advisory Team and the and the positive impact they bring to Workfree.


Ayumi Moore Aoki

Ayumi Moore Aoki, visionary leader and social entrepreneur, founded Women in Tech® Global to empower women and girls in STEAM. With a global reach across 45 countries and 200,000+ members, her goal is to empower 5 million women by 2030.

Ayumi brings a wealth of knowledge on building a thriving community and we are excited to work with her to make sure Workfree has a bright and inclusive future.


Adam Faulkner

Adam launched 'CreativeAF' during the pandemic and hasn't looked back.  His mission evolved to empower the next wave of freelancers, leading to the creation of the Be FreelanceAF Course.

Adam brings energy, a no-nonsense approach, and invaluable insights into the freelancer's world as part of the Workfree community partner team.


Georgie Darling

Georgie is a business strategy coach and a travel writer who's been freelancing for eight years. She helps female freelance creatives to find clarity and build a marketing strategy in order to build successful freelance businesses. Her knowledge on how to develop a successful and engaged community is invaluable to us.


David Ogiste

David is the founder of Nobody’s Café, an award-winning collective that brings people together to create amazing brand experiences. With over 15 years of expertise in experiential marketing David is a fantastic addition to the Workfree community team.


Kelsey & Anikó

Kelsey Frick & Anikó Pető-Mordovski are the founders of #TeamTranslator.  #TeamTranslator offers a platform where translators, regardless of experience, can engage in meaningful chats about their ventures in a positive, secure environment.  Using their past experiences crafting networks and communities in the field, they set up a safe, always-open community on Slack. 

Kelsey & Anikó's community-first mindset and deep understanding of fostering safe, inclusive communities adds immense value to our team.


Hollie Fraser

Hollie, the founder of We Are Shelance, spearheads a global movement uniting freelance female creatives. Shelance's mission is simple; to bring more exposure and visibility to females in the industry and in turn connect more women with work. 

Hollie's expertise in cultivating a united community and her commitment to linking freelancers with the perfect opportunities make her an outstanding community advisor.


Tomas Sackmann

Tomas is our multi-talented community advisor as a freelancer, collective leader, and studio owner. Tomas comes with real-world experience scaling a global freelance business into multiple areas, and his feedback is directly helping us develop and grow our community’s product.


Julia Arenson

As head of in-house agency operations at Specsavers Julia has a wealth of experience and her finger on the pulse of what it takes to run an in-house agency operation.   By joining us on this adventure, she adds an outstanding network of gifted freelancers to Workfree.


Josh Heap

With over 12 years of experience developing and deploying digital products for both businesses and startups, his thoughts and insight on the Workfree product as it evolves has been crucial.


Rehab el Hadari

Rehab joins the community advisory team as an experienced manager of agency partnerships, contributing her extensive agency relationships and assisting us in meeting the demands of today’s most cutting-edge agencies.

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