Grow, engage and monetise your community

Switch on your community value with your branded community talent marketplace. Give your members a free app to streamline their business, win more work, and get paid faster.

Join the top community leaders globally 🌏

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Workfree can power your community

We make it easy for freelance leaders to grow, engage, and monetise their communities.

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Set up your

Community Talent marketplace

Build your own private talent hub and invite your trusted freelance members to join.  Each member can create a profile and get booked from your community.

✔️ House your community talent

✔️ Post and share freelance jobs

✔️ Add value and engage with your members

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Your members get a

Freelancer Tool

We'll give your freelance members a free freelancer app to streamline their business, win more work, and get paid x3 faster.  It's all branded to your community.

✔️ Build a sharable profile and get booked

✔️ Manage clients and proposals

✔️ Get paid x3 faster 

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Your community gets an

Engagement App

Take community engagement to the next level with your own in-app community feed and dedicated spaces.  Add value to your members with exclusive rewards and benefits.

✔️ Engage with your community in your feed

✔️ Promote events and paid courses

✔️ Lock with a subscriptions or offer for free.

Add a new revenue streams

We make it easy to monetise your community in new ways.


Monetise your talent marketplace and earn a revenue share on every placement


Add a subscription to your talent hub and charge a small fee for each user


Earn virtual shares in Workfree so we all grow together.

Free software for you, and your community.

Everyone wins! We provide you with subscription-free software to run your branded talent hub, and we offer your freelancers subscription-free software to manage their business.  We support community growth.

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How can I apply?

We only work with the most reputable freelance communities. If you have a freelance community then apply to join our Q3 cohort.  Apply now before spaces fill up.

Trusted community leaders

We partner with top freelance community leaders to bring you the best talent

Ayumi Aoki Moore

Women in Tech


Hollie Fraser

We Are Shelance


Georgie Darling

The Freedom Route


Adam Faulkner



Trusted freelance talent

We partner with top freelance community leaders to bring you the best talent

Shishir Patel
Creative Director

A multi-award winning Creative and Creative Director


View Profile

Radina Galabova
Creative Director

Creative Director + Artist 🧠 Building cool brands


View Profile

Georgie Darling

Leading female copywriter and community leader


View Profile

Alex Vietor

UX content strategist + user researcher


View Profile

Rida Oyebade
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Consultant focused in Social Media


View Profile

Simone Bonnett
Social Media Strategy

Social media strategist and content marketer


View Profile

Menno van Dijk
3D Design

Senior 3D Design & Motion Graphics


View Profile

Shanna-Ann Lindinger
SEO Content

SEO Content Editor, Writer, and Researcher


View Profile


Browse our FAQS to get answers to common questions

How can I set up a community talent hub?

You can apply to be a community talent hub on Workfree and we will review your application and community.  If successful you can start your community talent hub straight away - It takes only a few minutes to set up.

How many freelancers can I invite to my talent hub?

Good question! As many as you like.  You can invite an unlimited amount of freelancers to your talent hub and host them in your community for free.

How do payments work on Workfree?

It easy to get paid on Workfree straight to your bank account.  When work is completed you will be paid directly to your chosen bank account in under 14 Days.  You can either discover work via our Marketplace or bring in your own clients to work with.


The power of a private talent marketplace


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Every month we release our build in public update to keep you in the loop of how Workfree is growing.